Support for women researchers in natural sciences (internal use only)

Projects by women researchers
who will shape the next generation are underway at Nagoya University

Increasing the number of women researchers and faculty member in order to achieve gender equality is an important issue
Nagoya University's Office for Gender Equality is working to create a society in which women and men can equally participate, and is engaged in a range of activities including the "Nagoya University Model for Development-type Women Researcher Support", which was selected in 2007 for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology's "Supporting Activities for Female Researchers" program. In 2010, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology selected the “Employment Acceleration / Career Development Program for Women Researchers: The Nagoya University Model" for Supporting Positive Activities for Female Researchers. We are implementing a diverse range of initiatives to help develop the women researchers who will shape the next generation.

Three support programs for accelerating career development for women researchers

Support program 1
The President project: Working to increase the number of principal investigator in the research stages:
Establishment of positions for women principal investigator(PI)

In order to develop and increase The number of women principal investigator, joint international openings for the science, engineering, and agricultural departments are publicized. Women leaders who are hired will gain experience as principal investigators (PIs), and will become regular facility members at the department within 5 years. This will result in an opening in the quota managed by the President, so that the next PI can be hired and developed in order to continuously increase the number of women principal investigator.

Support program 2
Helping young female researchers Project: Passing on the research field to young--
Hiring and bringing up young women researchers

Started in 2009, "Development-type Positive Action" is a project that aims to increase the number of female researchers. This project provides support for labor costs for the hiring of contract assistant professors who are women in the departments of natural sciences, engineering, and agriculture that have hired and promoted large numbers of female professors. We have worked hard to provide rewarding research fields and to bring up researchers. Going forward, we will keep this project ongoing in order to accelerate the hiring of women researchers with the understanding that they will go on to regular posts after their term ends.

Support program 3
The entire university comes together to support career development
Improving university-
wide support for career development and continuation

This project provides research funds for newly hired women researchers during the term of the project. In addition, the Office for Gender Equality and the Center for the Studies of Higher Education will work together to offer career support for new and existing researchers, and through the Mentoring Program for Female Faculty will hold various seminarsto support skill improvement. At the same time, child-care support policies will be strengthened to help develop the environment for work and child-raising.


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