We're working towards a future in which the word "women researcher" is no longer necessary.
The Nagoya University model for creating fields in which woman researchers play an active role.

Director of Office for Gender Equality and Adjunct to the Provost in Charge Hiroko Tsukamura

Society should be a place where people can reach their potential in the right job regardless of their sex. We are now in an age when values are diversifying. "Diversity" is the keyword in modern society. As expectations for science grow, it is desirable to see diversity in the researchers active in the scientific fields advancing science. Women researchers make up part of this diversity. Nevertheless, Japan has fewer women researchers compared to North America and Europe. In order to breathe new life into this time, the Office for Gender Equality is implementing a wide range of projects. For example, "Poppins' After School", the first on-campus after-shool child care facility to open in Japan, aimed to solve the "Grade 1 Problem", which is the problem of a lack of after-school facilities where school-age children of working parents can go. Across this large campus, university faculty member used their own areas of expertise to develop programs in order to expand the voracious intellectual curiosity of the children and develop their interest in science. In 2010, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology selected the “Employment Acceleration and Career Development Program for Women Researchers The Nagoya University Model" for Supporting Positive Activities for Female Researchers. In order to develop more high-level women researchers, we are engaged in a diverse range of initiatives including international openings for women leaders, career support for women leaders, mentoring programs for female faculty member, support for community activities by women students in the sciences, and the enrichment of research environments that take a work/study-life balance into account. Women researchers are a valuable part of the next generation. The Office for Gender Equality will continue to work hard on activities that will develop high-level researchers and research at Nagoya University in order to contribute to society.