Mentoring Program for Female Faculty

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The “Faculty Mentoring Program” run by the Office for Gender Equality and the Center for the Studies of Higher Education received Mentoring Awards 2012 by the Working Women Empowerment Forum.

What is a mentoring program for female faculty?

New faculty members who have just been appointed may have anxiety about their university activities. The mentoring program support those new faculty members to grow further by exchanging senior faculty members. In this program, new faculty members are called “mentee” and senior faculty members are called “mentor”.  The fact that mentoring programs have been introduced in not only universities but also many other organizations shows their effectiveness.

At Nagoya University, the Office for Gender Equality and the Center for the Studies of Higher Education work together to run the mentoring program for female faculty members. For those hired through the Employment Acceleration and Career Development Program for Women Researchers The Nagoya University Model, two mentors are assigned.


Aims of the Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is expected to have the following results for mentee faculty.

 ・Have a person with whom they can discuss work and life
 ・Deepen their understanding of the university
 ・Obtain knowledge and skills needed to fulfill duties related to education and research
 ・Consult with their mentors on how to balance work with their life events, such as marriage,
  maternity, child-raising, and elderly care
 ・Have chances to think about the broad scope of their career
 ・Create a varied network though their mentor faculty member

 The Mentor Program is meaningful for mentor faculty as well by interacting with newly appointed faculty, they can get new ideas and new vitality and think about their future career by looking at their own education and research.


Application method

 Female faculty at Nagoya University who wish to participate in this program can apply by filling in the following five items and send it to the address below.

 3.E-mail address
 4.Expectations and hopes for the mentoring program
 5.Days and times of the week that you are available to meet your mentors

 Female Faculty Mentoring Program Office (Office for Gender Equality)


Various materials

・ Faculty Mentoring Program pamphlet
This pamphlet introduces the details of Nagoya University's Faculty Mentoring Program


・ Guide for Mentor Faculty
This guide summarizes how mentor faculty should conduct their mentor activities.


・ Guide for Mentee Faculty
This guide summarizes how mentee faculty should conduct their mentee activities.


・ Women in the Sciences! ROLE MODEL BOOK
This booklet introduces the lifestyle of women researchers at Nagoya University.