What is a mind Map?

Mind Maps are a thinking technique developed by the British Educator Tony Buzan at the start of the 1970s.
This technique allows ideas to be expanded, thoughts to be organized, and is useful for problem solving.Even in the research field, it is effective for making time-consuming documentation work faster and more efficient.

This technique has been incorporated into the training at IBM, Disney, BMW, and Nike, and some meetings are also carried out using Mind Maps. It is also used in the educational field. In Finland, which is very high on the OECD's educational rankings, Mind Maps called "Ajatus Kartta" are used in Finnish class.

In Japan, various educational institutions from elementary school to graduate school use this technique・Workshops related to this technique are being held in large corporations and in government, and people of all ages use it for school, work, and in all aspects of life.