Full-time Faculty Members

Mayumi Saegusa

Assistant Professor, Office for Gender Equality, Nagoya University (2011-)
Postdocotral Fellow, Centre for East & Southeast Asian Studies, Lund University
Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.A. in Sociology, Chiba University
B.A. in International Relations, University of British Columbia

Research interests: sociology of globalization, institutional analysis, sociology of law
Based on world polity theory, I study global institutional transplants in Japan. World polity theory, as the recent theory of globalization, focuses on the influence of globalization in terms of culture and norms, rather than politics and economy. As my main research projects, I examine the process by which the US-style law school system (or the rule of law), patient safety, and gender equality have been institutionalized globally and adopted in Japan and how those global institutional transplants contribute to social change in Japan.

Selected Publications:
Saegusa Mayumi (2013). “Sweden no gakudohoikuin ni kannsuru kenkyu [Research on leisure centre instructors in Sweden].” In Shoko Matsumura ed. Shogaikoku ni okeru gakudohoiku shidoin ni kansuru kenkyu houkokusho [Ministry of Welfare and Labour, Japan] (Japanese)

Saegusa, Mayumi (Forthcoming). “Nihon no housou yousei seido kaikaku to sentakuteki ouyou riron [selective adaptation on Japanese legal Education Reform].” in Yoshitaka Wada and Pitman Potter eds. Nihon ni okeru sentakuteki ouyo riron no jissen [selective adaptation in Japan. Tokyo: Signe (Japanese)

Saegusa, Mayumi and Julian Dierkes (2011). “Alternative Dispute Resolution in Japanese Legal Education: Preliminary Evidence from the 2003 and 2004 Curricula.” in Pitman Potter and Ljiljana Biukovic eds. The Globalization and Local Adaptation in International Trade Law. Vancouver, B.C., Canada: University of British Columbia Press.  

Saegusa Mayum (2009). “Sweden: Kodomono kenri toshite no hoiku. [Sweden: After School Activities as Children’s rights].” in Mika Ikemoto ed. Kodomo no Houkago wo Kangaeru [Considering Children’s After School Activities]. Tokyo: Keiso Shobo. (Japanese). p56-71.

Saegusa, Mayumi (2009). “Why the Japanese Law School System was Established: Co-optation as a Defensive Tactic in the Face of Global Pressures.” Law & Social Inquiry 34(2): 365-398.

Saegusa, Mayumi (2003). “A New Movement of Alternative Organization: Women Workers’ Cooperatives in Japan” Japanese Annual Review of Sociology 16:90-101. (Japanese)