Nagoya University Science Forum for Young Women Researchers

"Nagoya University Young Women Researchers Science Forum" and "Science Enrollment Promotion Seminar for Women High-School Students" are held every year.

Both events are held at the same time. The Science Forum is held to provide support and networking for young women researchers, primarily the graduate students at this University, while the purpose of the Science Enrollment Promotion Seminar is to encourage high school students from around Aichi Prefecture to enroll in the sciences. In order to realize these two objectives, these events have an opportunity for young Nagoya University women researchers to present their research in poster sessions in which women high-school students judge these presentations.

In addition to the women high-school students, representative of the science, engineering, and agricultural departments and members of the Office for Gender Equality will be involved in the voting.
Researchers who have an excellent poster session as a result of voting are granted the Nagoya University Provost's Prize. During the poster session, information is presented in a way that is understandable for not only professionals but also high school students, so it is a good way for presenters to practice how to explain the objectives and significance of their research in simple terms.

These events will also feature keynote addresses by female researchers, where two to three women researchers in the sciences talk about their career development and encourage young women researchers and women high-school students.