Seminar on Promoting Women High-school Students' Enrollment in Natural Sciences

'Seminar on promoting women high-school students' enrollment in natural sciences mainly targets women junior and senior high school students in Aichi, Mie, and Gifu prefecture. The seminar aims at increasing the number of women high school students who wish to major in natural sciences and promoting Nagoya University as their choice.

The event is held at the same time as Nagoya University Science Forum for Young Women Researchers. The event consists of two parts: a poster session and keynote speeches of women scientists. In the first part of the event, young women researchers (mainly graduate students) in natural sciences present their research at a poster session in which women high school students participate as judges. The event aims at increasing high school students’ interests in and understanding of natural sciences by their asking young women researchers.

In the second part, a few women researchers in natural sciences give a talk about their career development and encourage women high school students to become scientists in their future.