Acalingo: Women science students’ community, Nagoya University

What is Acalingo?

Acalingo is a community of women students majoring in natural sciences at Nagoya University. The Office for Gender Equality supports various activities of Acalingo.

What are aims of Acalingo?

Women students are still a minority in natural sciences departments. Based on the needs of those women students who wish to enrich their student lives, Acalingo started in 2007. Acalingo is a community where those women students can realize “things they want to try”, such as creating a space for networking, and showing the excitement of natural sciences to children. Acalingo also makes it possible for them to consult senior women researchers about their career development.

What type of activities does Acalingo engage in?

Acalingo has made various plans a reality. Those plans include a make-up seminar for job-hunting students, Women science students’ encouragement meeting, and on-site experiments for children and the public.
As a monthly event, there is a lunch meeting where members discuss various plans and communicate. Acalingo always welcomes new members!

Who can participate?

Undergraduate and graduate women students majoring in natural sciences at Nagoya University can participate. Styles of participation are various. Depend on interests and availability, some members plan and run various events, and others only participate in lunch meetings or on-site experiments. Acalingo always welcomes requests from you! If you wish to join us or question us, please e-mail to the below address.



★ The acalingo pamphlet has been updated

The acalingo pamphlet has been updated (October 2012)

Introduction to Acalingo activities

The below are examples of Acalongo activities.

Women science students’ encouragement meeting
An aim of Women science students’ encouragement meeting is to network among themselves. This event is held in December. Women science students from various departments participate and exchange their ideas and hopes. This is a good opportunity to meet people outside of your department.


Seminar on promoting women high-school students' enrollment in natural sciences and
Nagoya University Science Forum for Young Women Researchers
These two events are same and consist of two parts: a poster session and keynote speeches of women scientists. Acalingo gave a talk about why their members decided to major in natural sciences and what they do in their labs. Acalingo received positive responses from the audience.


On-site Science Experiments for Kids
Acalingo regularly conducts on-site science demonstration for kids which members of Acalingo explains the excitement of natural sciences in plain language to kids.


Nagoya University Open Campus
During the university open campus, Acalingo run a consulting corner where members of Acalingo replied to junior and senior high school students’ questions about academic lives at Nagoya University.

Seminar on scientists’ career development
Finding a job? Going to a Ph.D. program? How can we get a clear picture of the future? Acalingo invites faculty members in natural sciences and asks questions about their career development. This event welcomes not only women students but also men students.