Greetings from the Director

Nagoya University established the Office for Gender Equality. We have been engaged in many activities including the establishment of the campus kindergarten and campus daycare, various supports to promote a work-life balance, and the positive action declaration for the active promotion of hiring of female teaching staff across the university, running the "Employment Acceleration and Career Development Program for Women Researchers The Nagoya University Model" for female faculty member in sciences, engineering, and agriculture, activities related to the "Acalingo" female science student community , Implementation of Nagoya University Science Forum for Young Women Researchers, and the implementation of the "Seminar on promoting women high-school students' enrollment in natural sciences".
We appreciate your continued support and feedback in improving our activities.

March 2013
Director, Office for Gender Equality
Professor, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Hiroko Tsukamura